How your website is designed is a direct representation of your brand to your prospective clients. If you are a Realtor in the Minot, ND area, and are looking to build a name for yourself – you need a website that spot-lights You. If you are a construction company that builds houses, you need a website designed specifically to showcase those masterpieces. We all love Free Website Builders, however, your Business Needs Professional Web Design and SEO. Our Services are an end-to-end solutions for your business. We Build, Optimize, and Manage your brand.

Why is a Website so Important for my Business?

Having a professional website designed for your business is an important investment. You are investing in amplifying your brand and gaining exposure to a broader client base. You are marketing that brand on a digital billboard for everyone to see. Whether you are selling products by E-Commerce, or need a splash landing page of information – you’ll see a return on your investment. More than 73% of small businesses have a website. Approximately 30% of ALL business is transacted online.

Why is Mobile Website Design so Important for my Business?

More than 55% of ALL web traffic originates from Mobile Devices. That means more than half of your potential clients are coming to you from their phones. When you have a website designed, make sure its Responsive and cross compatible with all devices. Find a professional web design agency that is familiar and experienced with developing websites that behave properly on all devices we use today. History would suggest that the 55% mobile device traffic statistics will increase over time. It’s possible that we get to a point in our technological evolution that we see that number grow closer to 75%.

What does a Website do for my business?

For starters, you are increasing your visibility. You’re also generating a way to indirectly communicate with your targeted audience. A website can say more to your visitors than what you could accomplish in a phone call or text message. A website gives your business the opportunity to be networked across social media outlets or shared directly with other people. You are giving your customers a stress-free way of contacting you. Once your company is online you will start developing reviews across multiple sources. This gives your potential customers the ability to read about your services from the mouths of clients who have experienced them. A staggering 95% of people read reviews about a company before they purchase their products or services.

What is Optimized Website Design?

Optimized Website Design is the procedure in ensuring that not only does your website look fantastic, but it’s search engine friendly. Search Engines hate slow, lethargic, long-loading web pages. There is a technical direction all aspects of design need to follow to rank high in the eyes of the Search Engines. Optimization is proper front-end, back-end, and technical SEO. It also includes compressing media, code, and features, all to make your website road runner fast. If you have an established obsolete website and are looking to re-design, optimization can include removing lagging features too. Optimize your business website for Cross Device Compatibility, SEO, Speed, and Creative Design by Minot Marketing.

Website Design Check-list

  • Find a Professional Web Design company to make your brands Website.
  • Optimize your Website for Speed, SEO, and Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Manage Your Website, Add Industry Content, and Stay Active in Social Media
  • Hire SEO experts to conduct campaigns to increase your exposure and ranking with Search Engines
  • Keep up with the times and re-design. (We trade vehicles in every few years – Why not keep your website trendy too?)

You have questions and we’re here to listen. With Minot Marketing, you can expect newly achieved highs and a healthy return on your investment. Read more About Us and Reach Out today for your website Flight Plan!