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So why is SEO crucial for my business?

SEO is crucial because the vast majority of online activity that includes the research for products and services begins with major Search Engines.

Keyword searches (what is typed into Google) is highly marked. The searcher is looking for information leading to that phrase.

This is why it’s crucial to have relevant content for that product or service available on your website.

In the majority of research, it’s found that most users only click results on the first page. In fact, most users only click the first 5 results on that page.

It’s crucial to have an SEO strategy in motion that helps raise your page rank to that first page, for the keywords your audience is going to search. Getting to that first page will increase your organic traffic and lead conversion rate.

Research shows that the click through rate of being page 1, result 1, is 30%.

SEO strategies are intended to maximize the communication between your website and major search engine results. For example, things that Google’s algorithms look for is; page speed, technical descriptions, high quality content, and visitor time on site. Those are just a few crucial examples of what Google factors in when establishing your page rank in specific searches.

seo strategies to get your to page 1 google rank

What does SEO help improve?

Here is a basic list of what professional SEO services can help improve.


With the majority of online activity resulting in search engine queries, being visible (high up on the page rank) is important for searchers to find your products and services. Research shows that only 10% of people use the lower results.


Great visibility results in great traffic. Organic search traffic takes up 53% of the pie. Having strong SEO strategies in place with credible tactics can actually bring more organic traffic to your website than any other marketing approach. SEO Strategies, Increased Visibility, Higher Traffic – Are you seeing the order of operation?

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Conversion Rate

Implementing SEO strategies results in more visitor conversion. Driving more organic traffic to your website increases your potential to convert that visitor to a customer. Let’s say you average 5,000 unique visitors a month, and 3% of those visitors convert. Now boost those average visitors from 5000 to 10,000 by driving traffic, you’ll increase your sales by 150 more that month. From 150 to 300 conversions, all by increasing your visibility and traffic.


Brands with iron-clad SEO approaches tend to have increased trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. Building high quality informational content on your website creates credibility. Great page content outlining your services is a perquisite to having great articles on how you can deliver those services to clients. Visitors are more inclined to trust your service offerings if you have in depth articles explaining them. Google takes that on-page data and increases your credibility.

Building quality back-links further adds to your website’s reputation. This is when other websites link back to your website by placing a URL on their page. The higher the credibility of the website linking back to you, the higher the trust and credibility that is gained. There is a digital pyramid of websites with the most credible being at the point. With each credible source that links back to you, the further you move up the ladder. This is an important tactic as your competition is currently working at building their back-link integrity to overtake yours. Maintenance is required in the form of being relevant and sharing quality information through social platforms. This leads to building organic back-links through sharing of that high quality content.

How to improve your SEO?

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