The SEO world of Web Design

Together, we can accomplish a lot in the Web Design and SEO world.  After our first coffee consultation, we will know more about each other. Your target market, brand, and goals will be chalked-up on the board. From there a flight plan and destination is put in motion. Along the way we will have questions, moments of collaboration, and lot’s of cups of coffee.

We make web design a stress-free streamlined process for our clients. To grow your brand, we need to know your brand. Connect with us today and learn why we offer the best Web Design and SEO Services in Minot, ND.

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The power of WordPress

Harness the power of WordPress Web Design. With Commanding Plug-ins and dynamic features, its no wonder it’s recommend by us. Optimize your bottom line with lead generation elements that organize your website conversions.

WordPress is the most popular content management platform and takes space in 40%+ of website you see today. Feature rich with over 58,000 powerful plug-ins.

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Search Optimized Design

We give our clients end-to-end solutions. From standing up your brand from ground zero, to increasing your established identity – we offer it. When we build your website, we are optimizing it for others to find you organically. Through industry experience and on the job know-how, we optimize your design.


Content Management System


Sell your products online

Search Engine Optimized

Score high in Googles algorithms

Responsive Design

Mobile, tablet, PC compatible

Positive UX

50% of traffic is mobile devices

Modern Technology

Access to 58,000 plug-ins

Have us call you.


This is the coffee consultation. We go to the drawing board together and begin shaping your ideas into blueprints of your brand.


This is the take off and launch milestone.  From blueprint, the design takes on life as the colors, layout, and content becomes YOU.


You’ve reached destination success. The optimized design is ready to be seen at the art show as search engines browse – your Brand is on display.

SEO is technical

We make it stress-free

Keyword research and selection

Keyword rank checking

Tags, and meta descriptions

Front-end optimized

Back-end optimized

Image and media optimization

Sitemap creation and submission

Google/Yelp business profiles

Google analytics integration

Bounce rate report and analysis

Website conversion evaluations

Back-link development

Monthly progress reports

Rank in the search results

search engine optimization

Grow your brand

Canvas together in a collaboration of efforts to grow your brand. We’re ready to take on your web design projects. Short on time? Send us a text and let’s talk on your schedule (701) 500-3204